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Hunting/fishing, farming and… gathering

Posted: Tue 22. Aug 2017, 13:30
by juanmarcopolo
Greetings fellow settlers !

I've been a fan of similar video games for a long time and discovered this one some years ago. Even if I love Anno and was quite impressed by UH I always found disappointing that gathering isn't possible. You can build a hunter/fisherman hut but what about just collecting berries for instance ? Farming shouldn't be the only way to get fruits or vegetables ! It's an activity available in the very first Age of Empires for example and even if it's a minor feature it makes the early game more realistic and entertaining.

The concept interest me to the point that I've developed a prototype titled Colonîle. It's a French portmanteau word composed of colonise and island. Check out its English screenshots in this post (Warning : Award-winning graphics) : Robinsonnade de juillet 2017. For the moment the simulation-RTS gameplay is simple but you can already survive for years by gathering purple fruits and water or fishing.

What about UH ? Well I hesitate between contributing to an open source project and launching my own. Here are some basic changes :
  • Allow a settler to directly gather food and store it at the warehouse.
  • Fruit trees : Mine are renewable resources and once depleted a tree is displayed as empty. Decorating a bush-like one with colorful fruits could do the job.
  • Hunting-gathering : Mix both activities and reuse the existing hut
More complex ideas :
  • Animate a gatherer
  • Pre-Sailor increment
  • Special scenarios
However my first priority would be to add a simple gathering system ! What's your opinion ?

Peace and coconuts,